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October 06, 2003

Okay, one pic before I head out.

This is a shot of my 81mm mortar, with the fancy sights, also used on artillery. Note the weld in the tube. (Can't shoot, LE/Shocked anti-gun persons!) I also don't have a base cup for it, though I'm making one (no firing pin, BATFE-types). The grey thing on the right is a Canadian 3inch training mortar. The bottom is cut out so that the round, when dropped, falls at your feet. Keeps the crew in position, too. 3inch mortar rounds are heavy.

You can also see the breech of the 57mm M18 Reckless Rifle to the left. Behind, from top to bottom are a US 3.5 inch bazooka with inert round, a PLO RPG-7 (thats a 7, no suffix, meaning iron sights, no rail for the scope). There's a B-40 rocket stuck in it because I hadda put the rocket somewhere. Next is a brit Mark X fencing musket, which is a spring-loaded pogo stick you used in bayonet training. next under is a Czech M98/22 Mauser. Barely visible between the M18 and the mortar is the front barrel-band of a Czech VZ-24 mauser. Next is an Egyptian FN-49 (not a Century hash job for those who know what I mean), and finally, one of my various variants of the Brit SMLE. Ya can barely see the next thing, which is a Swift Training Rifle, also Brit.

See ya later!