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October 03, 2003

Giving Anti-Gunners the Willies

Which is something I just love ta do! This is a shot of The Imperial Arsenal of Doom (tm). Nota Bene the Interior Guard Force (the ones with the glowing eyes on the steps - vicious killers, all - especially note Lucifer's Handmaiden, the Dark One, Barney of Glowing Eyes)

You are staring past the Balkan/Slav wall at the Vickers medium machine gun. Above the Vickers are the platoon spare parts chest on the left, the indirect firing accoutrements on the right, and the platoon rangefinder center high. You can't make 'em out that well, but behind the box on the left is a Browning M1919A6 machine gun, Madsen M1908 light machine gun, and a BAR. On the right is a Carl Gustav M1 84mm reckless rifle, and a PIAT.

This photo was taken after cleaning up from the sewer back-up. Fortunately, because I display the Vickers in a faux trench mode, it's actually sitting on a pallet reworked to look like duckboards in a trench, and wasn't immersed in goo. And, because I'm crippled and lazy, the sandbags (vietnam era, I missed out on getting some nice WWII ones) are filled with woodshavings, not sand - just in case some anti is concerned I'm building a bunker here. Not that I haven't thought about making an addition to the house, and adding a whole new concrete gun room, that would look like, well, a bunker!


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