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October 02, 2003

Warning! Exteme Danger of Causing Nanny-Stater Heads to Explode.

Or, at least turn 'em into gibbering dolts with outrage. I like that.

This is a shot of my burgeoning grenade collection. I'm going to work up a photo essay on the subject that I'll link to on the sidebar, rather than punish dial-up visitors.

Most, not all, but most, of these grenades are from WWI, a fascinating era in grenades. Where you could find this, a Brit No 15, Mk 1, fuze lit by a match (Not Good, as the Brits found out at Loos), next to this, a No 5 Mk1, in the same trench.

Visible below are some other tools of the trade (which I like every bit as much as the guns) like a trench club, some submachine guns, wire cutters, and a stereo-optic rangefinder. As ever, if you are appalled, all grenades are inert, empty, no explosive and my Standard Disclaimer (SM) applies. If it doesn't display for you (some problem somewhere) it's listed on the sidebar under "Gun Pics" as Periodic Disclaimer.

If you'd like to see more WWI grenades, I recommend this excellent site, .Granaty WWI run by Greg. It is a polish site, but don't let that deter you - english speakers can glean a lot from it!

There is also this site, which specializes in Brit grenades. You'll find several of mine grenades in the pic discussed here.