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September 30, 2003

Mo Guns, Mo' Betta.

Y'all got stiffed on a gun pic yesterday. Tough. Life intrudes sometimes. As does my ever-expanding universe of goofs with Moveable Type. Which ain't MT's fault. It's operator headspace and timing. Like the big post that I just blew away...

Anyway, here 'tis yer new pic for the day.

This is my 'Murican wall. The sharp-eyed among ya will notice three furrin' weapons in the pic. At top, a M1763 Charleville musket, 3rd from the top, a French Model 1802 flintlock converted to percussion, and ninth down, a M1910 Ross. The french provided 23000 stands of Charleville muskets to the Continental army during the revolution. The first US musket produced at Springfield Arsenal (pics of museum here), the M1795, was based on the Charleville. This one is a repro - I don't have the bucks for a real one. Fun to shoot though. The M1802s were provided to both the North and South during the War of North/South Grumpiness. There is no provenance for this gun, so let's assume it's Union (so no point in trying to steal it, goblins). The Ross is one of 20,000 or so that were bought by the US gov't for training during the early days of WWII, and is US Ordnance marked.

Skipping on down, the second rifle is a US M1842 percussion conversion, number 4 is a Remington Zouave (note to goblins - a repro), followed by a M1872 Springfield Trapdoor, then a US-marked Remington Rolling Block. They are out of chronological order because of bayonet length interfering with the shelves. They are followed by a M1895 Krag, M1903 Springfield, the Ross, and on the bottom, a M1917 Enfield, built at Eddystone. I have a Vivien-Bessiere grenade launcher for that rifle. There's more down below, but that's a pic for another day.

Chatter away.