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September 28, 2003

Giving BradySchumerStein a break today.

Regular readers will be now have deduced I'm an artilleryman. I'm other things, too, but a Redleg is my core self-image as a soldier. And while I collect Tools of the Trade (tm) for soldiering in general, I also like to get cool bits of artillery kit. This is one such item. Don Sensing of OneHandClapping and I recently tried to outgeek each other in this field, talking about HE data computation, using a site stick, working the Christmas Tree. The Christmas Tree is what gunnery students in at Fort Sill called the color-coded meteorological data form. Simply put, the Met Data Form was used to take met data and compute the corrections that needed to be applied to basic firing data to account for weather. This gizmo is a Swiss mechanical computer to do the same thing for the 105mm fortress gun. Yes, I figured out how to use it. Pretty cool.