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September 28, 2003

Let's Give Senator Schumer some Indigestion, Shall We?

Here's a pic of the Russian wall. At the bottom, due to wallspace constraints, my Swedes reside. But, they aren't in this pic, so, no problem! What you see here is several flavors of russian smoke-pole. At top, a Berdan II (designed by american Hiram Berdan, of Berdan's Sharpshooters in the Civil War), a single-shot bolt action, made by Stevens in Maastricht. I recently scored a bayonet for this fella, but haven't taken a picture yet. Next under are some Mosin-Nagants. Two M91s, top dated 1893, second one dated 1920. The first is purely Imperial marked. The second is Soviet-marked, but still has a hex receiver (vice round) and the arshin sight. Both have older, ring-lock bayonets. Next is a M91-30, pure Soviet. Fourth is a M91-30 Sniper. Next under is the soviet "M1 Garand", an SVT-40, semi-auto in a full-auto stock, with a semi-auto muzzle break. Next under him is an SVT-40 carbine, with SVT-40 bayonet. This gun is SA marked, and may be either a gun repaired to carbine length, or a gun made after the war for the collectors market. Hard to say - but it isn't import-marked. It is probably not a built-from-the-ground-up carbine. Beneath that carbine is a Chinese copy of the M44 carbine, this one being a papered vet bring-back from Korea.

Have fun, gotta run!