New Zealand has always been a world leader in innovation. New Zealanders have been at the cutting edge of science and engineering developments for generations and all the men and women who participated in these endeavors all have one thing in common. At some stage of their lives -usually when they were young - something inspired them. Many experimented in their dads garage and learned at a rate that wasn’t regulated by the education system. They tinkered and played. They took their base of knowledge and went on to greater things.

In the words of Albert Einstein

          “Research is what I’m doing when I don’t know what I’m doing”

But in these days of plug in entertainment, cable TV, computers and couch potato lives, kids are spending less time building tree houses, trollies or tinkering with steam engines. Sure computer skills are useful, but not everyone can be a computer programmer, someone still has to get out build the bridges and airplanes that computers can only make pictures of.

We must have practical people in every generation. People with problem solving skills and an understanding of the practical, physical world. Every now and then an inspired genius will appear from them.

According to the well known catapult designer Ron Toms:
“Ballistic motion was one of the key players in the development of the science of physics. The word "engineer" even originated as the builders and designer of Siege Engines.”

Engineering students are required to have a mountain of theoretical knowledge with calculus and math being at the top of their list but where is the practical experience? Many many people quite simply will not learn with the kinesthetic experience. Unless they can touch it, they won’t understand it.

The 22AD schools program fills a hole. By having some fun student are engaged and participate in the application of math and physics theory in a way that can spark the imagination and plant the germ of future inspiration.

In just a couple of hours of hands on experimentation students can see the practical application of trigonometry and with their own calculations define the results based on the data they have gathered themselves from practical experimentation.

The question is not why would you invest time in having students play with catapults, the question is why wouldn’t you invest in their future?

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