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Ad eundum quo nemo ante iit

Current Project - The 2X4 Backyard Ballista.

The "Clue X 4 Ballista" as I'm calling it has been designed to be built from common building materials and stock 4X2 (100 X 50 for those of us who have moved on from imperial system). For those of you who have enough knowledge of ballistas its a type 7 in basic specs. A 50mm dia skien making a machine 1.4m X 0.8m. It will however throw golf balls not arrows, thus avoiding that whole tuning issue which I bet you hadn't even given any thought to.

The Clue X 4 Ballista is designed to fill the hole in the market that sees me getting about a dozen hits each day from people looking for free plans. News flash, the ballista is not a simple machine and it actually takes some "knowledge" and "skill" to make one "simple" enough to be straight forward to build but still functional. I fill both those requirements.

What I don't have is the "motivation". Evidently this makes me a "bad person" because I wont take time off from my actual research to work on a plan that other people will take for free and use to make machines with which to get A's on their school projects.

So you're going to have to either wait or get really excited and drop some money in the tip jar to motivate me. Balls in your court.

Future projects are shown below. All require funding. We do not build backyard toys, we build museum quality fully functional replica machines see the Sponsors page if you want to help out.
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Small Roman stone throwing ballista
Medieval Springald
(It screws both ways and you get nothing out of it)
Based on Medieval illustrations and descriptions this is a speculative machine
Thor is a full sized trebuchet with a 7.2 meter throwing arm. The primary munition for Thor will be bowling balls. With a counterweight of around 500lbs Thor will have a range of up to 200 meters and will be a primary source of research data in relation to siege artillery.

Thor will cost around $5,000 to construct and a similar amount to store and move to events so Thor is awaiting a serious sponsor.
A full sized Roman onager that will be tested at full power.
Katie was completed in April 2008 and can be seen on the Engines page
Sir Issac
The contreversy over the wheeled trebuchet still rages and this machine is considered speculative and a compliment to Katie, the conventional machine.